Individual Coaching

Invest in yourself through  1-on-1 coaching  and lead a better life in just 8 weeks.

Create greater Life-Clarity, develop Personal Leadership practices or establish Life Management skills with the dedicated support of your own leadership coach. You'll never regret the investment! 

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Group Coaching

Partner with others through group coaching and create powerful solutions together in just 8 weeks.

It is amazingly powerful to share your coaching journey with others who are also seeking to change. This option is great for pre-formed groups, teams or friends who are ready to invest in each other!

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Workshops & Retreats

Get away from the normal routine to grow and learn alongside others during 4-hour, 8-hour or multi-day coaching-based experiences.

Create a focused time for your growth and return home refreshed, resourced and ready to lead your life better, one step at a time! 

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C2C: Coach To Coach

Are you a certified coach in need of skill building, professional networking and business support?

Join our community of trained coaches for monthly connection calls to better serve your clients and yourself!

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Join me for the Weekly Refresh every Sunday!

Every Sunday I spend 30-60 minutes reviewing the past week and preparing for the one to come.  I've done this habit I call my Weekly Refresh for years and invite anyone to join me. I am online every Sunday at 5pm pacific time. Come try out this method of increasing your personal leadership and life management for free!

After participating in the Weekly refresh in January, Denise shared the following with me:

“The individual days that make up my weeks are packed full of work tasks, personal to do's, and other activities - the days fly by! Before being introduced to Jessica's Weekly Refresh, my thoughts at the end of each week were often on the many tasks I failed to accomplish. Using the Weekly Refresh has helped me to recognize all that I accomplished, set more realistic goals for the week ahead, keep my goals and priorities in focus, and feel better about myself. It is hard to describe the value this activity has brought me, but I encourage you to give it a try and see how this simple activity can change your life.” 

After Rachel participated in February, she said:

“The weekly refresh gave me the mini escape I needed after a crazy week. It allowed me to dial back into my goals and agenda for the upcoming week. I felt more prepared to take on this week’s challenges.” Rachel – she also let me know that she has done it on her own as well since her first experience and hopes to join the group again on future Sundays.

"Proud Moment Tattletales" - A Moment of Clarity with JLJ #16

What are your proud little moments telling you this month?

What are your proud little moments telling you this month?  I love those small but oh so strong proud moments we have every once in a while that are like tattletales, letting us know when we are on the right track.  I’ve had two of them lately which really created a moment of clarity for me this month.(Heads up cat lovers and wood crafters you’ll also get to see one of my latest crafty solutions to doing life with two litter-tracking fur balls!)

See more videos like this in the Moments of Clarity series!

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