Life-Clarity Introduced

I’ve made a lot of decisions in my life: big ones, small ones, important ones, not really important ones. We all have. Sometimes the decisions we face in life are easy. Sometimes they are really hard. The hard ones can be confusing, messy, way too complex, and scary. The easy ones…well they are just fun!

I long to help people in very practical ways and that is why I studied psychology, counseling and coaching. I found myself always wanting to help people make their important life decisions. What could be more practical than that? I didn’t want to tell them what to do, but help them decide for themselves what would be best for them.

As I coached people over the years, I noticed that sometimes life suddenly would start to click for my clients! When they started their coaching, they were confused over some area of their life and not sure what to do next. They needed change, but didn’t how to make it happen, or even what specifically they wanted to change.

Over time they would have new insights about their life which allowed them to start moving forward with greater understanding of what they really wanted. They were highly energized in these moments, ready to take some degree of action because their life became more clear. They had a new sense of clarity around who they are, what they wanted to do next and how they wanted to live their life overall.  Needless to say, I really liked these moments!

As I worked this year to re-brand my coaching practice and formally incorporate my own business here in Colorado, I was challenged by several business advisors to narrow down my scope of practice. They would ask who I really wanted to coach and what issues I really wanted to help people overcome. I was encouraged to identify my specific message to the world, or what I could really offer people that would add unique value to their lives.

After thinking about what I love most about coaching, the answer quickly became clear.

I really like helping people make big decisions…those big, scary,
unclear, confusing and life-altering decisions…the ones most of us can’t make on our own or quickly.

I spent the last decade working in the field of Leadership Education and Leader Development because I am passionate about leaders and good leadership. One of my favorite sayings about leadership is that it is simply making decision after decision for yourself and others. Leader Development focuses on self-leadership, or leading one’s own life well. How can someone lead others well if they cannot first lead themselves?

My newly branded coaching business, JLJ Coaching Services, Ltd. combines my background in Leadership Education and Leader Development with my passion for helping people practically through coaching. My business uses key elements of self-leadership to help people create an expansive and empowering awareness in your mind and heart that helps you confidently move forward and make a big decision, especially when the right path is unclear. This awareness is what I call Life-Clarity!

I hlogo_transparent_backgroundave trade-marked the phrase Creating Life-Clarity Together and you will see it a lot on my website and in my work.

My logo is simple, yet hopefully conveys that sense of wandering and wondering many of us experience when in the midst of a tough decision. Without Life-Clarity we don’t know which direction to go and sometimes our path loops back and over on itself.
I’ll be writing more posts soon to further explain what I mean by Life-Clarity. I am also hoping to create a Life-Clarity assessment to accurately measure the degree of Life-Clarity people experience. For now, I hope this serves as a nice introduction to the key concept behind JLJ Coaching Services!

I would love your feedback and questions. How does this idea of Life-Clarity strike you? Can you relate?

First published by Jessica Lynn Johnson in 2016 for JLJ Coaching Services, Ltd.

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