Ultimate New Year’s Resolutions

I know many people feel motivated to do improve their life when a new year roles around. Many people make resolutions but unfortunately not that many people really succeed at keeping their resolutions.

I want people to live the best version of their life possible, but that simply isn't possible when we use underdeveloped and mediocre approaches to goal setting and creating true lasting change. This year I wanted to create a self-coaching tool that would help people create better resolutions, ones that are motivating and feasible! This is just one more way you can live more intentionally in 2017.

I spent about a week earlier this month creating my free guide to help you create your ULTIMATE NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION. It includes 10 steps that will help anyone quickly and easily launch into a better 2017 with greater Life-Clarity, direction and support!

Before working through the guide, I would have said something like the following for my resolution:

I will finally finishing writing a book next year. 

After following the 10 steps in my new guide, here is my ULTIMATE 2017 (WRITING) RESOLUTION:

Because I want my writing life to be fun, more regularly scheduled and full of accomplishments, I will start January 2017 by journaling and writing a poem or outlining a blog idea every day around 9:00pm. I will also try creating a detailed marketing plan, even though it is a little out of my comfort zone. I will remember how much I enjoy writing and all the positive comments I have already received when I get discouraged to help me stay motivated. I really want to improve this part of my life in 2017 so I am willing to write for at least 5 hours each week if that will help me make this change happen.  I realize I might hit roadblocks as I move forward so I will enlist the support of my husband and maybe a writing coach because I really want to finish my book in 2017!  I know that if I can improve this part of my life I might also be able to expand my coaching business and hopefully double my coaching income in 2017. As soon as I start to experience quicker and more productive writing sessions and a consistent blog and writing pattern in my life, I know my efforts are starting to pay off! I will celebrate my accomplishments by taking the first steps to plan a two day personal retreat somewhere outside of Colorado to happen during November 2017!

It took me about 45 minutes to come up with this full statement. Depending on how your mind wanders through the 10 steps of the guide I think the process could take as little as 20 minutes. Don't worry about coming up with all the wording! The end of the guide includes a fill in the blank activity to help you quickly create your own resolution statement based on your answers to the 10 steps.

I have my ultimate 2017 resolution written in my journal, but also typed out so I can do whatever I want with it. Every reader of this post now knows my resolution for 2017, but you certainly don't have to share it so publicly unless you think the added accountability would be really helpful!

The first step is to simply download your free copy of the PDF. From there it is up to you how far you let it launch you into a better 2017!

First published by Jessica Lynn Johnson in 2016 for JLJ Coaching Services, Ltd.

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