Whats so great about working in groups

How Art Journaling Helped Create Clarity: #Invest2017

I was inspired last week to pick 1 word to guide me professionally and personally for 2017. Yes it is the middle of February already (gasp!), but we are only 7 weeks into the year. We’ve got 45 fantastic weeks left in 2017!

No word came to mind right away so last week I opened up my writing journal and started brainstorming words and phrases that could be contenders. Then I couldn’t pick one! They all seemed so applicable and motivational. None of them felt right. I’m sure you’ve felt that way before too. Continue reading “How Art Journaling Helped Create Clarity: #Invest2017”

Whats so great about working in groups

“Unscrew Your Fear”: Choosing to Live Life Unafraid!

Big changes can often bring about fear. A new step in life creates uncertainly around how the next step will go and how things will unfold. Consider the big changes that are happening in the US government right now as an example. Facebook and twitter are filled with people expressing fears over what the next few years (or even months) will bring now that America has new leadership. How will Trump change the face of politics and what we know as normal in America? Is that wall really going to be built and will we have a major fallout with our neighbor to the south, many wonder? Is our government really going to keep people from the 7 countries listed in this week’s executive order out of the US short term or indefinitely?

But this post isn’t about politics; it is about living life unafraid…because we never know what the future will bring. Administrations change. Unexpected natural disasters will come. People will make choices we don’t like…and we can’t undo.

Continue reading ““Unscrew Your Fear”: Choosing to Live Life Unafraid!”