6 Quick Fixes For A Crazy Schedule

If your schedule is hectic and crazy, life probably feels unorganized and stressful, without much sense of control. We live in a fast paced society, but that doesn’t mean that our schedules can’t have order!

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Poor time management can lead to being late, missing commitments and double, or even triple, booking ourselves. This is never good! These results can have even further consequences because when our professional and interpersonal lives are rocky, stress quickly follows.

Without a doubt, managing your schedule and organizing your life can be a great way to reduce stress! The best part is that getting your schedule under control can happen fast! Here are some of my favorite quick fixes that will instantly help anyone manage their time better:

Quick Fix #1: Say yes or no slowly. Allow yourself time to think over a new commitment…big or small. While it may be a great opportunity and you really want to say yes right away, give yourself at least 24-48 hours before agreeing to any new commitment in life. This will give you time to think through why you want to say yes and the impact this new activity may have on your life. Rarely will someone demand an immediate answer from you. Often times, you’ll only gain someone’s respect by considering the opportunity at hand before jumping into agreement quickly.

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Quick Fix #2: Write stuff down! For heaven’s sake, don’t try to remember everything you need to do or every place you need to be. That just doesn’t work for most of us, no matter how hard we try. Keeping a schedule or calendar, even a simple one, is very helpful. Keep it on your smartphone, tablet, desk calendar, daily schedule sheets, a day planner…anything. In this day and age there are so many ways technology can help you remember what you’ve got to do. Don’t try to keep it all in your head. One of my favorite online to do list helpers is Trello. It is a great way to keep track of various projects or commitments on your computer and your phone.

Quick Fix #3: Replace only, don’t add. If your schedule already seems full,  try applying a replace-before-adding approach. This may sound a bit extreme but sometimes we need to take extreme action! If you want to add something new to your routine,  make room for it in your daily life by replacing something that isn’t the best use of your time. Activities such as a spontaneous Netflix binge, ineffective multi-tasking and shopping for entertainment are all prime candidates for this concept! Remember you can always change your schedule again in the future if you really do miss the replaced activity more than you expected to.

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Quick Fix #4: Don’t skimp on sleep! Most adults need 7-9 hours of sleep to function the best mentally and physically. While it can be tempting to push bed time back by just an hour or so, doing so could be more harmful than helpful. Falling asleep at work or in a dangerous location is not your goal, I am sure! So instead, figure out how to re-prioritize different parts of your day and stick to a reasonable bed time. Maybe shift some daily habits onto weekends if this will let you get more sleep eye on weekdays. If you feel too busy, making your days longer to fit in everything you want to do is only going to hurt you in the long run!

Quick Fix #5: Remember that life comes in seasons. You can always vary your schedule based on the time of year. If you live somewhere that experiences all 4 seasons and the varied weather that comes along with them, this probably makes logical sense. For those of us, like myself, who grew up in sunny southern California (without much more than a wet and dry season), the idea of seasonality to life is a bit foreign. You can always adjust your commitments and routine based on the conditions and requirements around you! Your schedule doesn’t have to look the same 365 days a year!

And finally, my favorite…

Quick Fix #6: Schedule Big Rocks First. I am a huge fan of the time management system taught by Stephen Covey and his 7 Habits of Highly Effective People material. I especially love his concept of Big Rocks and getting those in your schedule first! I was trained on this material and have seen it work wonders for many people! Check out the video below if this concept is new to you. It can be life changing!

Need help managing your time better? Want to get serious about any of these 6 instant fixes?

Time management is by far one of my favorite personal leadership topics to discuss with people. It is such a practical topic and one where I ALWAYS see quick results.  Good time management isn’t rocket science! Anyone can get their schedule under control…and coaching can help you get results fast. Learn more about the JLJ Coaching approach  or inquire about coaching options and availability and regain control over your schedule fast! Why wait? Time is only passing!

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Content first published by Jessica Lynn Johnson in May 2017 for JLJCoachingServices.com

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