An Amazing Trick to Find Success and Satisfaction All Year Long

I learned an amazing trick this year that helped me find success and satisfaction with my resolutions all year long! Yep, this one thing guided my heart and mind every month of 2017. I’m eager to share it with you today!

A common way to set goals for the new year is by setting resolutions.

I know, I said that foul “R” word: resolutions…

Unfortunately, most people don’t find success when they set a resolution. This is exactly why I don’t normally set resolutions. I’ve always felt so much pressure and expectation to just fail at keeping my resolution and commitment. Yes, I would create SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound) goals for myself, but nothing I’d ever call a resolution.

Last December I decided to take a new approach to annual resolutions and goal setting. This method really worked, my friends, so I’m excited to share it with you!

Because of the format of my resolution, I was able to keep the two personal commitments I’d made all year long. Yes, I had some ups and downs along the way, but I never gave up because of the way I created my resolution. It helped me stay focused, motivated and realistic. As a result I was able to make great strides in my business goals, including:

  • publishing 10 blog posts on personal leadership and life management topics
  • writing an introduction and three chapters for my book on Life-Clarity
  • speaking at two conferences (one in California and one in Colorado) on coaching topics
  • recording 15 videos for my Moment of Clarity video series

What is it you want to accomplish in this next year?

On top of these accomplishments, I created and hosted my own virtual retreat at the end of the year.  I called it Spread Your Wings 2017. This event was not in my original plans for the year. Instead, it developed organically from conversations with others in October. This unique event was so much fun to create and a huge success! I’m already planning on hosting this virtual retreat again in December 2018!

I also used this process to create an Ultimate Resolution to revamp my faith habits and saw great fruit grow in this part of my life as well.

I am amazed, seriously almost stunned, at what all I was able to accomplish with my coaching business this past year. I want you to experience similar success in any area of your life in 2018!

Here is how you can do it too!

Last January I created a clear 10-step process that combines the ideas of SMART goals with the coaching approach I use with clients. What resulted is a fantastic reflective process to create well thought out goals, what I call Ultimate New Year’s Resolutions. It is an easy to follow process that will help you create an exciting goal that you can work towards all year!

The trick is to spend time early in the year really thinking through your new resolution. So often people let guilt, disappointment or shame to rush them into a decision about “living better next year”. Don’t be rushed by any of these negative experiences!

In just 30-45 minutes this guide will take you through 10 steps, creating a lot of clarity and confidence around your New Year’s Resolution. You’ll think about how you did in this area of your life last year to start. Then what you want to be different and your motivation to do this. You’ll brainstorm the steps towards your goal and who will support you when you hit a roadblock (because you will). To end, you’ll decide how you’ll celebrate your success. 

You’ll pick just one category of your life to focus on first. You can always repeat the 10 steps if you want to create multiple Ultimate Resolutions. Last year I created one for my writing projects and one for my spiritual life. Try to be willing to stretch yourself a little and enjoy the process!

Here is one of my Ultimate Resolutions for 2018:

Because I want my health life to be higher energy, more consistent and include other people, I will start January 2018 by doing 10 leg raises, 10 push-ups and 25 sit ups every day in addition to my yoga. I will also start the Couch to Sprint training and/or crossfit for a Spartan Sprint in April, even though it is out of my comfort zone, to challenge myself a little farther.

I will remember to give myself grace (a little break) when I get discouraged to help me stay motivated. I really want to reach this goal in 2018 so I am willing to back off by business writing goals somehow if that will help me make this change or dream become reality.

I realize I might hit roadblocks as I move forward so I will enlist the support of Jen, DJ, and maybe Rachel and Melissa because I really want to feel athletic, balanced and strong again in the next year!

I know that if I can improve this part of my life I might also be able to have a healthy pregnancy someday. As soon as I start to experience 2 months of weekly exercise and weekend meal preparation in my life, I know my efforts are starting to pay off and I will celebrate my accomplishments by doing a cooking class in May after I complete the Spartan Sprint!

Get the free guide and create the clarity you need to find success and satisfaction all year long!

You don’t need to print it but you definitely need blank paper to record your answers.  It will also help you put together your final Ultimate Resolution Statement at the end. Make sure to look for the special offer at the end to work on this together in a two-hour one-on-one coaching session!

When it is finished, I’d love to see it!  Don’t be shy to share it with me, especially if you got stuck on a step and want some feedback. Just email me at I look forward to hearing from you!

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