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2017 Annual Business Report


Looking Back – a year of building, mourning and celebrating:

2017 was quite a year…so I’ve decide to wrap it all up in a formal annual report for my business.

I am amazed – seriously, almost stunned – at what all I was able to accomplish with my coaching business this past year.

I officially launched the business mid-way through 2016 after several months of being unemployed. I spent most of 2016 creating my website, working on my branding and deciding how to structure my business.

Looking back, I can see that this beginning work in 2016 was really the foundation for all I would do in 2017.

Like building a house, after the foundation comes the frame. 2017 was truly a year of building the frame and focus, for my coaching business.  In April I passed the knowledge exam and certification requirements for the Associate Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation. This was a big accomplishment for me as a coach! I also returned to full-time work after nine months of job searching and working only part-time.

A big event mid-way through 2017 shook me and my business to the core resulting in a stronger commitment to my work as a women’s personal leadership coach.

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The Perfect Treat to Love & Support Your Goal-Getting Valentine


This week is a big one for love! It includes the ever-pink holiday, Valentine’s Day, full of candy sweet hearts, chocolate kisses and chubby cupids. Much of my coaching work and writing focuses the individual; accomplishing their specific goals and working through their personal situations or challenges. Thanks to Valentine’s Day, this month has me thinking differently. We all have goals, but so do the people around us that we love. I don’t want my focus to always be on me and my goals. That’s rude and selfish…and yet pretty natural…so I write to remind myself too with this post. Join me this month in showing love to our loved ones by supporting their goals, in addition to our own!

It is easy to focus on how to accomplish our own goals. They drive us! We think through what needs to happen before the dreams become accomplishments. We may write them on our bathroom mirror, post them as the backdrop on our phone or share them online. They are our goals. We know them inside and out. But what about when the goal is not yours? How do we support our spouse’s or loved one’s goals, especially when they do not really involve us?

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Searching For a New Career at 50: Suzy’s Coaching Journey

A little over a year and a half year ago, I (Suzy) came to Jessica to be coached on my job situation.  I needed a new career!

At 50 years old. I was feeling stuck in a comfortable but not beneficial to my health job that I had been at for 27 years. I was successful but ready for a change and beginning the second half of my life caused me to reflect on how I wanted to spend the second half.

Jessica began by having me break down a very vague goal of wanting a new career into exploring my options and I came up with three. I updated my resume ( which I had been procrastinating doing until I was coached) and then I took a week or two to fully explore the 3 options I came up with.

During our weekly calls Jessica would pray with me and ask me questions that helped me refocus and be goal directed.

Finding Qualifiers & Taking a Pause

Jessica encouraged me to develop qualifiers (what did the job that I was looking for have to have or be). To do this I had to examine my values and even my personality and do much soul searching.

Somewhere in the middle I became frustrated and overwhelmed as nothing seemed to be perfect or happening now. Jessica suggested we take a “pause”. We stopped our coaching sessions for a few weeks to give me more time for life to unfold. 

I look back and think, “So wise.” It was during this pause she encouraged me to pursue the yoga I had shared with her was a huge stress reducer for me. Little did I know at the time that this little side trip in our coaching time would lead to a new door opening and include my ministry. Continue reading “Searching For a New Career at 50: Suzy’s Coaching Journey”