Searching For a New Career at 50: Suzy’s Coaching Journey

A little over a year and a half year ago, I (Suzy) came to Jessica to be coached on my job situation.  I needed a new career!

At 50 years old. I was feeling stuck in a comfortable but not beneficial to my health job that I had been at for 27 years. I was successful but ready for a change and beginning the second half of my life caused me to reflect on how I wanted to spend the second half.

Jessica began by having me break down a very vague goal of wanting a new career into exploring my options and I came up with three. I updated my resume ( which I had been procrastinating doing until I was coached) and then I took a week or two to fully explore the 3 options I came up with.

During our weekly calls Jessica would pray with me and ask me questions that helped me refocus and be goal directed.

Finding Qualifiers & Taking a Pause

Jessica encouraged me to develop qualifiers (what did the job that I was looking for have to have or be). To do this I had to examine my values and even my personality and do much soul searching.

Somewhere in the middle I became frustrated and overwhelmed as nothing seemed to be perfect or happening now. Jessica suggested we take a “pause”. We stopped our coaching sessions for a few weeks to give me more time for life to unfold. 

I look back and think, “So wise.” It was during this pause she encouraged me to pursue the yoga I had shared with her was a huge stress reducer for me. Little did I know at the time that this little side trip in our coaching time would lead to a new door opening and include my ministry.

When we returned from the pause I had gained clarity. I saw clearly that the job I was currently in was perfectly suited to who I was and at the time I was filled with a new love and gratefulness for what I had for 27 years and I made the decision to stay in that job.

A month later an opportunity came up that had all the qualifiers I was looking for in another job and because of the coaching I could see this fit and resigned from the 27 year job. I would like to tell you that is where the story ends but six months into the new job I realized the values I had defined while being coached were not able to be lived out be my in this new job.

I resigned after 5 months after much prayer. So much for my new career, I thought!

A second self-induced pause

I had not planned on resigning and so I found myself in a self -induced pause and I went back to the yoga that Jessica had encouraged me to daily pursue. I became a yoga instructor. Next, I took the next step in becoming a CPR instructor at home and bought all the equipment. I began life coaching as a ministry at my church and I am hoping to combine these three passions into a wellness coach business.

She reminded me often to let my yes be yes and my no be no. I also remember her saying that it would take over a year to get comfortable in a new job. And so I am being patient with myself as I find my way.

Lastly, I remember Jessica praying for me to not hold too tightly to my timeline as well as she prayed I would be nudged in the direction I need to go.

Life today

Currently, I’m teaching Holy Yoga at a yoga studio as well as at my church,  Christ’s Church of the Valley in San Dimas, CA.  Over 40 women have been showing up at the yoga classes I’m teaching at my church ON ANY given Saturday morning….all God!!


My husband now also has received training as a life coach and so in addition to coaching as a ministry,  with him,  we are premarital marriage coaching couples also.  This year,  I also am teaching CPR out of my home.

On a side note, my father recently passed away and I was able to be his hospice nurse thanks to the training I had last year, another bonus that came out of my switching jobs and searching for a new career, encouraged by Jessica’s coaching .

I am physically mentally and spiritually healthier than I have ever been. Jessica coached me to finish strong and to visualize what it would look like to leave. By doing this I had the courage when the timing was right to confidently step out the door.

No regrets!  I am ever so thankful for the clarity I received while being coached!

Written by Suzy, a coaching client during 2016 and 2017.


Need your own qualifiers or time for a pause?

If you too are ready for the next step in your professional or personal life, but need a little more clarity or support from a coach, check out your coaching options and the JLJ difference or drop Jessica a line! Increased personal leadership and life-clarity can help you, just as it did for Suzy, in the search for a new career!

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