2017 Annual Business Report


Looking Back – a year of building, mourning and celebrating:

2017 was quite a year…so I’ve decide to wrap it all up in a formal annual report for my business.

I am amazed – seriously, almost stunned – at what all I was able to accomplish with my coaching business this past year.

I officially launched the business mid-way through 2016 after several months of being unemployed. I spent most of 2016 creating my website, working on my branding and deciding how to structure my business.

Looking back, I can see that this beginning work in 2016 was really the foundation for all I would do in 2017.

Like building a house, after the foundation comes the frame. 2017 was truly a year of building the frame and focus, for my coaching business.  In April I passed the knowledge exam and certification requirements for the Associate Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation. This was a big accomplishment for me as a coach! I also returned to full-time work after nine months of job searching and working only part-time.

A big event mid-way through 2017 shook me and my business to the core resulting in a stronger commitment to my work as a women’s personal leadership coach.

In 2017 I lost my first client. I didn’t lose her due to a move, change in financial situation or bad coaching. Our coaching had taken place during the first third of the year. She made amazing strides in shifting her life to resonate better with her faith, passions and personal calling. She stepped out of her comfort zone to explore a new career in youth ministry as a middle-aged women in a well-established and lucrative career. Her bravery and steps to follow her heart’s desire was so inspiring, not only to me but to her local community…and then we all lost her.

Suddenly in just a matter of weeks the cancer she though she beat many years past returned with a vengeance. Without realizing it, the cancer had destroyed many of her organs and in about three weeks she rapidly declined.

Her sudden death left us all stunned. I was shocked!

There had been no indication of illness or weakness really during our four months of coaching.  Mid-year I learned from a mutual contact that she was in the hospital with only a few days to live. Being out of state I couldn’t connect with her during her final days unfrotunately. Thankfully our mutual contact kept me informed as much should could.  Her passing rocked my world as a coach.

I realized how critical my influence could be on a person this past year. I was reminded that we never know how long anyone has to live. I played a big role in how she spent her last year on this planet and this was so humbling! 

Facing the reality of death is never easy. This experience was sobering! I began to realize the how  significantly I can help people live their best life while they still have it!

It took me about a month to process the news of her death and decide how I wanted to respond. The result: an even stronger commitment to working with women who greater life-clarity, personal leadership and life management skills. I want women to feel equipped to lead authentic and amazing lives, while feeling supported every step of the way. They can’t do that without a growing degree of life-clarity, confidence in their own leadership and the tools to manage the many demands of life.

I’m grateful for the partnerships that supported my work last year. There is no way I would have been able to develop my coaching business without the support and encouragement of many people. This includes family members, especially my husband, multiple other coaches and several very accomplished clients.

I am excited to see how JLJ Coaching Services continues to bloom in 2018. The foundation and a beginning frame has been laid. 2018 will certainly be another building year, further creating an amazing and varied space for us to create life-clarity together! The door is always open; stop by and enjoy time to reflect, dream and take action with me anytime you’d like!

From Individual Coaching Clients:

Jessica helped me set qualifiers which really helped me narrow own my goals. She prayed with and for me and I loved how she listened and then helped me be specific in my action steps.  Jessica was so encouraging and motivated me to discuss my journey with those closest to me which really helped. I also loved how she showed me grace when I missed two of our appointments. When I was discouraged Jessica had me take a pause and reflect and pray over the next couple of weeks, which was instrumental in moving forward when I felt stuck.

I learned so much from her and she was so patient and open to sharing her knowledge as I become a coach myself. Lastly, the way she could sum up what had been said was key for me in seeing through fog in my mind. After this experience I will, as God provides the opportunity, move forward in my career as I now have a better idea what that looks like.  I was also opened up to extreme gratitude and peace and a way of being in the present moment that Jessica was key in helping me clarify.” S.S. 2016 & 2017

“So far I have felt that everything we have discussed has been incredibly useful. I always come away from our sessions feeling like I have learned something new about myself or have really clarified an area in my life that was fuzzy. I have really liked having my base goals, because they include what I want my life to look like…each one feeding into the next. I like having these because I will always remember where my life was at when they were created. Then as I have grown in different areas or new experiences have come into my life and I have had to tweak the goals, it shows growth and movement in my life.” C.O. 2017

The weekly action steps, and then the weekly check in about the action steps, was most helpful for me during my coaching.  So often, I will decide to do something to put my learning into action, and then I don’t do it.  This level of accountability was key.  It was also really important to me to feel like Jessica cared about my action steps, but would respect me no matter how much progress I made.  I also appreciated Jessica’s outside perspective on my “issues”, and the way she checked in to make sure our time was being used in the most high-leverage way possible.

As a result of coaching with Jessica, I feel much more confident in my ability to act on my personal development learning and self reflection.  That cycle of energy and retreat has shortened because of our weekly action steps. Overall, my work with Jessica has been amazing.  I feel empowered and confident!  Not only did we work together to shorten my cycle of energy and retreat, but I feel like I have a great toolkit and strategy for continuing this pattern of learning and growth into the future. E.S. 2017

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