How to Quickly Plan a Day Away

Sometimes we just need to get away from the normal routine of life!

I need space to focus on just ME when life feels overwhelming or too repetitive. You too? Looming big decisions or recent significant experiences drive me to find some “me time”. How about you? Seems like we all need a day away from time to time!

With summer right around the corner many of us are itching to travel and take a break from normal life. Unfortunately, multiple-day vacations and retreats aren’t always an option. Most of the time though we CAN find ONE day to get away for rest, rejuvenation and a little “me time”. Just one day is doable and requires minimal planning.

I’ve got a simple formula for you, making it easy to quickly plan your time away and make sure it is enjoyable, in your budget and a meaningful experience. Creating a great one day mini-escape or personal retreat is easy with this process.  It includes all the core pieces I think through to have my own personal times away. It also includes the various important parts I consider when putting together bigger event (such as retreats, conferences, competitions, weddings, parties, etc.)

We can all use this simple list of questions to quickly make some decisions when we need a day away!

6 Quick Ideas to Help Plan a Great Day Away

#1: Purpose

What is your main reason you need a day away right now?

A great place to start is to think about why this day is worth your time. Having a simple goal for the day may also make it more enjoyable, especially for the “doers” in this world like me who have a hard time slowing down and just “being”. The reason you pick may be more personal that you wish to share with anyone else, and you certainly don’t have to tell others your “why?’ but make sure to tell yourself. This initial element turns your day away into intentional “”me time” that won’t feel like a waste!

#2: Theme

What type of theme or feel for the day would you most enjoy?

Many of my past mini-retreats organically developed around a theme.  I enjoyed these experiences so now I think a little beforehand about what general theme or feel I hope to create during my special day. Some of my past themes have been a day in nature, a creative day, a health-focused day and a day with God for prayer. A theme is not necessary and may even naturally develop as your Day Away unfolds.

#3: Date & Time

When do you want to go?

Look ahead to when you’d like to go and commit to that date. Selecting the date makes your Day Away feel more real! The excitement often builds once I have put this day on my calendar. Knowing my day away is coming soon is motivational when life gets tough.  You’ll also want to set a start and end time.  Sometimes I like to start early in the day and other times sleeping in is a key part of my Day Away. This detail may be helpful for others to know and the length of your time away may be slightly dependent on your location and budget.

#4: Location

Where do you want to go?

Maybe you have a favorite place that you don’t get to visit often or a new place you’ve wanted to explore. Our environment impacts us a lot so think ahead about how far you want to be from home and the vibe of the place (or places) you want to spend. With a little advance thought, driving time can be a powerful part of your Day Away. For example, it is a great time to listen to that audio book or podcast that has been on your wish-list for a while now. It is also a great time for silence, which can be hard to come by! This element pairs nicely with thinking about your overall purpose and theme.

#5: Budget

Will you need to spend any money?

You may need money for food and transportation. You may also decide to treat yourself to an activity. If money is tight, there are tons of free restful activities you can do such as reading a book, going for a walk, journaling, taking a nap, calling a friend or family member and coloring. These activities are often reflective or relaxing. They may even help you pamper yourself a bit.

#6: Communication

Who do you need to alert that you’ll be unavailable except for an emergency?

It is important to carve out this time for yourself.  You need a Day Away, after all, right?  Turning off the phone (or at least putting it on silent) will minimize your distractions. Telling the people you normally talk to on a daily basis that you will be unreachable for the day, except for emergencies, will also significantly minimize your distractions. You may need to explain what you’ll be up to for the day and why it is important for them to hold off contacting you, unless it is unavoidable. The point here is not to stop communicating with others for a day; it is simply to protect your special day. As a side note, a day of solitude (fully away from others) is a powerful experience that you may want to consider trying from time to time.

And a bonus idea…

#7: Freeing Your Mind

Is there any pressing task you could do ahead so it doesn’t nag you while away?

I’ve found that a key to really enjoying a Day Away is to free my mind of those nagging to-dos in advance. Taking care of them before hand eases up the day after your day away as well. The stress off extra responsibilities when you return home can practically undo the benefit of getting away. You worked hard to carve out this special time. Adjusting a little the week before you go to take care of important tasks you’d normally do can really make the whole experience better!

We all need a day away, and I can help!

It is a simple, but sometimes hard to swallow truth; we all need a Day Away every now and then. Even though hard sometimes it good when we finally give ourselves the space to take that break! If you want some assistance planning your next personal getaway, I’d love to help! Check out more of what I can offer as your personal Day Away planner or schedule a time with me (Jessica) to learn more.

For your peace, rest and sanity, I pray you fully enjoy your next Day Away!


Originally posted for JLJ Coaching Services by Jessica Johnson in May, 2018. Photo by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos on Unsplash.

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