Simple Life-Clarity Self-Check Tool

Life-Clarity Self Check

Life-clarity is an expansive and empowering awareness in your mind and heart that helps you confidently move forward and make a big decision, especially when the right path is unclear. Stronger personal leadership practices help create greater life-clarity, which in turn can help you establish more effective life management skills.

This quick assessment is a tool to help you determine how strong your current sense of life-clarity is. It can also help indicate areas of personal leadership that you could implement or expand to help your more effectively manage the various parts of your life.

Simply run through these questions, answering honestly for yourself how strong you disagree or agree with each statement. Select the response that corresponds with your answer. Feel free to make any notes in the area below each question to explain your selected answer.

There are 20 questions total, done in sets of 5. After you hit next at the bottom of each set of 5 questions, scroll up to the top of the page to begin the next set of 5 questions. At the end you'll be asked to submit your email to receive your results. Don't worry, JLJ Coaching Services will not sell or give away your contact information!

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