What do you mean by Life-Clarity?

 JLJ Coaching Services is based upon the notions of personal leadership practices and life management skills to help people create Life-Clarity, an expansive and empowering awareness in your mind and heart that helps you confidently move forward and make a big decision, especially when the right path is unclear.

Having greater Life-Clarity is seeing your life from an integrated perspective that includes a profound awareness of yourself; your best self and your worst self and your past, present and future self.

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What is life like without Life-Clarity?

We all know what it feels like to be stuck, unable to make a decision.  It could be deciding where to live, which career path would be best, whom to date or how to manage our money. Sometimes multiple options seem right. Other times it seems as if you have no good options at all…or at least not yet.

Without Life-Clarity you may wander in circles, delay making your best decisions or allow others to make decisions for you. You are not leading your life in the direction that feels authentic or sustainable. In extreme cases, you may feel hopeless, anxious or stressed out over the direction (or lack thereof) your life is taking. Overall, life can seem out of whack or out of alignment with how you’d really want to live. Things just aren’t right, but you may not necessarily know why!

What creates greater Life-Clarity?

There are several personal leadership concepts and pracitces any person can use to create greater Life-Clarity. This includes:

  • Knowing what you value most in life. Identifying the concepts you hold highly important and deem necessary in order to have a fulfilling and satisfying life will give you greater Life-Clarity.
  • Knowing your strengths and the areas where you need to grow and improve. Having insight into your personality preferences, the ways you perceive the world and wish to interact with others, also creates Life-Clarity.
  • Knowing the belief systems and worldviews that structure your perceptions about people and life. Crystallizing your beliefs and understanding their sources is a very grounding source of Life-Clarity.
  • Outlining your sense of purpose or mission for your life. This is the sense of calling and duty that gives meaning to all you do and say, making many decisions much easier.
  • Establishing a vision for your future. Discussing the ideal way you see your life playing out in 5, 10 or 20 years generates additional Life-Clarity that is incredibly helpful in the midst of confusing decisions.

You can use these practices anytime you need to increase your degree of Life-Clarity. Some tools work very well in tandem. For example, outlining  a sense of purpose or mission can be very helpful to do before establishing a vision for your future.

How will greater Life-Clarity help me?

This well-rounded and expansive state of mind gives you the freedom and confidence to move forward in life. It is a wide-angled view of your life that is very empowering! You begin to see yourself and your life from new perspectives and with greater insight, which helps you set and achieve goals while also giving you a sense of purpose and sense of being.

Confusion gives way to confidence and peace of mind, allowing you to act, during times of greater Life-Clarity. You know which path to take and your life seems right on track. It is just the way you hoped it would be, or maybe even better! Having greater Life-Clarity includes those moments in life when you say to yourself, “This is exactly what I want, need or should be doing right now!”

Don’t be fooled into thinking this means everything will be easy though. Having greater Life-Clarity does not mean that everything is perfect or always easy, but it does mean that life seems incredibly right and just perfect for you at that point in time.

Will my new sense of Life-Clarity always stay with me?

The key elements of the Life-Clarity you worked hard to gain during coaching or one of our events will always stay with you, but they are somewhat pliable. Life-Clarity is a fluid experience. This deeper understanding of what is right for you may naturally morph over time or even fade if ignored as you move through life. What might be the right decision for you in six months may not be the same right decision in six years. This is because over time you change and grow, and your surroundings, resources and challenges change.

Life-Clarity is NOT something to be obtained and accomplished. It is something we all need to cultivate and tend so that it can be utilized when it is at its peak and life demands you to make a significant decision.

Where can I learn more?

To learn more about this concept and the research we are conducting to further explore it, please frequently visit our Blog page. Learn more about how the JLJ coaching process is designed to help people begin to lead themselves and create greater Life-Clarity on our page about The JLJ Difference! You can also send us a message by clicking the button to the left.

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