Meet JLJ

Jessica Lynn Johnson, MS, ACC

Founder, Personal Leadership Coach & Educator

ICF Associate Certified Coach

I launched my coaching business, JLJ Coaching Services, Ltd., in June of 2016 after 10 years of coaching women and emerging leaders at various organizations (e.g., colleges, universities, high schools and churches).  I am a leadership coach, trainer and writer, working mostly with women ages 25-40 who feel stressed-out and time-strapped, frequently unable to make good confident decisions.

Why? Because that's been part of my story (and my studies). I spent most of my 20s stressed out and way over-committed. Due to a strong desire for perfection (and people pleasing, if I am honest) my pace of life was not sustainable and my relationships, health and overall enjoyment of life suffered as a result. I was diligently using various personal leadership tactics, but I needed something more.

After working with my own coaches over several years, and really gaining clarity around the type of life I wanted to lead, I began to create a better life - one that is authentic to my core values, passions and skills AND moves at a sustainable pace. I want this freedom and balance that comes with greater Life-Clarity for other women too!

I originally fell in love with the coaching approach (before experiencing it myself) while studying therapeutic approaches and how people cope with stress through the University of La Verne’s Master in Counseling program. I knew then that coaching was the right career for me - a much better fit than becoming a therapist.

Four years later I was trained by the Hudson Institute of Coaching in Santa Barbara, California in 2011, and was one of the youngest participants to ever go through their program. Their emphasis is on helping people work through major life transitions and leadership development. I was credentialed as an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation, the governing organization for the coaching profession, in April 2017. I was certified to administer and evaluate the IMAGE assessment (Intrinsic Motivation Assessment Guide & Evaluation) in 2012, the famous Myers-Briggs Type Indicator  personality type assessments in early 2013 and trained on the StrengthsFinder assessment in mid 2013.  My approach is holistic, taking all parts of the client into consideration. 

I have worked with numerous clients on the topics of decision making, life balance, time management, stress management, communication, team development, relationship issues, spirituality and career selection through individual and group coaching, facilitated workshops and multi-day retreats. I have also taught Psychology, Leadership and Coaching courses at the college level. I love to support other coaches and have trained and supervised over 200 volunteer coaches for Christ's Church of the Valley from 2006-2012 and 32 Peer Coaches for Indiana Wesleyan University from 2013-2014.

My top values are Understanding/Helping/Serving Others, Creativity/Pioneering and Courage/Risk Taking. These concepts come out in most everything I do. When I am not coaching, I love to be outside. I was an avid athlete and camper growing up and still enjoy any excuse to get outside. I have been a Christian since middle school and am happy to include spiritual topics in my coaching work if they are requested by clients. I also have a strong creative and artistic drive! I love to cook, make art in any form and soak in live music. I am also writing my first book entitled Messages To My Younger Self, a collection of original poems, illustrations and reflective questions, designed to be used alone or as a mentoring resource on various practical life topics. Writing this book is a hard but very fulfilling project!

I look forward to hearing your story sometime soon!