The JLJ Difference

JLJ Coaching Services is based upon the notions of Personal Leadership, Life Management  and Life-Clarity to help women around ages 25-40 lead their life well. Leadership is often thought of as something only for people in positions of authority, or only needed in large corporations or as a tool unfortunately used to manipulate others. This is not the case! Leadership is for everyone and leadership is required of everyone! Just as businesses apply leadership and management principals and practices, so can each of us, and doing so makes a huge difference in how stressed out we feel. It also helps us create more clarity in life, allowing us to create richer and more satisfying lives.

What is the JLJ Coaching process?

Our coaching process brings self-awareness and insight along with space to reflect on what is truly important to you in life. Reflection, observation and openness is what makes our coaching so powerful, especially when the process is fueled by a willingness to experiment with new thoughts or behaviors.

While the process depicted below progresses sequentially around the circle, your coaching experience may not develop in this exact format. This is totally fine! This 5 element process provides a simple structure for coaching and while many coaching discussions typically evolve in the order depicted below, some will cover the 5 elements in a different order. Additionally, some coaching engagements will go through the process multiple times, spend an unequal amount of time on one or two elements, or return back to specific elements after completing the circle once. Any pattern is fine!

What concepts might coaching cover?

People begin coaching when they feel stuck, unsatisfied with some element of their life and unable to move forward towards making their desired change. We will always discuss your specific situation using the process above. In addition, your coach will listen closely to determine which of the Personal Leadership and Life Management topics below would be most helpful in helping you create more Life-Clarity and reaching your goals. It is common for several, but not necessarily all, of the following concepts to be explored during your coaching. There is no set length of time assigned to each of these topics.

Personal Leadership:

  • Personal Values - The concepts we each hold highly important and deem necessary in order to have a fulfilling and satisfying life.
  • Personality Preferences & Individual Strengths - The unique ways we each perceive the world, wish to interact with others and the abilities and talents we have to contribute to our communities. 
  • Belief Systems - The worldviews we have that structure our perceptions about people and life.
  • Life Purpose/Mission - The sense of calling and duty that gives meaning to all we do and say.
  • Vision For Your Future - The ideal way we see our life playing out 5, 10 or 20 years down the line.

Life Management:

  • Coping with Stress - The avoidance and approach methods we use to handle threats (stressors) that come our way.
  • Time Management - The scheduling methods we use to effectively divide our time between our commitments,  hobbies, priorities and key relationships. 
  • Healthy Lifestyle - The habits and patterns we set in our life to best care for and steward our body, mind and soul. 
  • Life Balance - The  dynamic and ever shifting intentional work to keep all parts of our life (and being) well cared for and loved.  (You can read more about my approach to life balance in my post First Steps Towards Better Life Balance.)
  • Goal Setting & Achievement - The practice of setting and working towards SMART goals that allow you to live life on purpose and with intentionality.