Since 2007, the Founder of JLJ Coaching Services has helped people lead authentic and amazing lives by providing individual coaching, group coaching, workshops and retreats. She has done this as a corporate (internal) and independent (external) coach and leadership education professional.

  • Individual Coaching: Looking to lead a better life? Invest in yourself through  1-on-1 coaching  and lead a better life in just 8 weeks. Create greater Life-Clarity, develop Personal Leadership practices or establish Life Management skills with the dedicated support of your own leadership coach. You'll never regret the investment! 
  • Group Coaching: Want to engage in coaching with others you already know and trust? Partner with others through group coaching and create powerful solutions together in just 8 weeks. It is amazingly powerful to share your coaching journey with others who are also seeking to change. This option is great for pre-formed groups, teams or friends who are ready to invest in each other!
  • C2C: Coach to Coach: Are you a certified coach in need of skill building, professional networking and business support? Join our community of trained coaches for monthly connection calls to better serve your clients and yourself!