WHAT IF . . . 

  • We created a space together in early December - before the holiday craziness begins - where we had a few hours to reflect on our past year and dream a little for 2018?

  • We could do this in our own favorite comfy spot, our own personal happy place  - saving money on travel and hotel fees?

  • There was an expert guide to walk us through this reflection, dreaming and planning process?

    Just imagine all the possibilities you'd create for yourself in 2018 if this dream became reality!

December is the perfect time to carve out some much needed "me time". The end of a year can provide a sense of reflection and thanksgiving, and offer the opportunity to make a fresh start or find a new perspective. For many years I have focused December and January on my own personal development for these reasons. This has been a life-changing habit! 

This year I invite you to join me in a powerful experience of self-renewal and goal setting during the only end-of-year virtual retreat, Spread Your Wings 2017! Together we will have 8+ hours (spread over two days) of focused personal retreat and reflection time to look back on 2017 and look forward to 2018. Through an easy to use online group software (zoom.us) and email-initiated individual sessions, attendees will participate in a variety of experiences designed to provide restful rejuvenation, personal insight and confident excitement for 2018. I've created each session with care and am excited to facilitate each one for us as we individually and collectively prepare for another year.  

I have organized and facilitated dozens of retreats, workshops and other personal development events over the last decade and a half. I love the power that comes from taking time out of our every day routines and busy schedules to think purposefully and deliberately about our lives.  Unfortunately, it can be hard to prioritize ourselves - our goals, our growth, our self-care, our passions - when our schedules are so full with great things like jobs, family obligations, social activities and volunteer commitments (especially during the Christmas season). That's why I've created the perfect opportunity for you to focus on yourself for just a little while on two weekends in early December. I've got it all set up for you. You just need to show up hungry for a big dose restful rejuvenation, personal insight and confident excitement for 2018.

Come Spread Your Wings with me for two half-day personal retreats next month on December 2 and 9!

Spreading Your Retreat Over Two Saturdays

The content of this retreat is intentionally divided into two sections to allow  enough time for your heart and mind to reap all the benefits of your reflection and time away from every day activities. We will be diving into powerful material and rushing the processing time will simply limit what we each can get out of the experience. In order to provide us all enough time to think about the retreat content, the program will spread over two weekends.

Each of the two parts will be just a half day, about four hours, allowing you time to rest, do errands or spend time with friends and family as need before or after the retreat sessions. Each half-day retreat will start with a live Kick-off session and conclude with a live Wrap Up and Q & A session (both done online using the zoom.us video conferencing platform - don't worry, zoom.us is easy to use). The various sessions that make up the core content for each day will be sent to you via email, leading you through various ways to explore and apply the topics. Each emailed session will include optional content that you can use to customize your retreat experience.

December 2: Looking Back

9am-1pm PT / 10am-2pm MT / 11am-3pm CT / 12pm-4pm ET

Birds are not born ready to fly. They need a little time to prepare for flight, before they spread their wings. So do we. The first part of Spread Your Wings 2017 will take you on a journey to review your past year and set the foundation for an amazing year in 2018. Sessions will include:

  • What Doesn't Kill Me Makes Me Stronger" - Recognizing the year's challenges and struggles
  • "It's My Party & I'll Celebrate If I Want To" - Acknowledging successes and accomplishments in 2017
  • "From the Eagle's Perspective"  - Synthesizing the Lessons and Insights from 2017

December 9: Looking Forward

9am-1pm PT / 10am-2pm MT / 11am-3pm CT / 12pm-4pm ET

Once ready, every bird will spread its wings and take flight.  The second half of Spread Your Wings 2017 is your turn to spread your wings, stretch a bit, and soar into the new year. This part will help you look ahead and dream for 2018, establishing a confident excitement around what's to come.

  • "The Complete Pre-flight Checklist" - key elements of setting goals and ultimate resolutions
  • "Layovers Really Are a Great Thing!"  - Personal flourishing and self-care practices
  • "Finding A  Guiding Light" - selecting a guiding concept (phrase, picture, word, etc.) for the year

Optional content to personalize your retreat experience

Each session will include optional content you can do when done with the core content to help you get the most out of what YOU need for your personal end-of-year retreat. Content will include:

  • adult coloring pages
  • stretching/yoga poses
  • mind mapping instructions
  • prayer doodling information
  • an audio retreat
  • original poetry
  • selected mood music
  • original soothing nature videos

What others have to say about working with JLJ

" What I will remember most from this event is your enthusiasm and (the) simplicity of this offering. Thank you!"

"Your session helped to prioritize my goals and how to put (them) into action."

"It helps to take time to reevaluate my priorities (and how) to achieve my goals."

"From your session today I will remember that I need to dig deeper into "me" and stop doing everything for others. Basically (to) stop putting me second/last!"

"This event was a great springboard for me to continue thinking about balance in my life and having a schedule that reflects that."

The Details: Here's what you'll get

  • 8 hours of content
  • Additional optional personal rejuvenation activities
  • Time for just yourself, including an invitation to go for a walk outside
  • 2 Live Kick-off Sessions with JLJ (recordings sent to you shortly after event ends)
  • 2 Live Wrap Up Q& A Sessions with JLJ (recordings sent to you shortly after event ends)
  • Preparation materials provided upon registration
  • Optional one-on-one coaching to clarify your take-aways and strategize for 2018
  • Multiple downloadable worksheets
  • Access to JLJ and other participants through a private Facebook group

Individual Investment

Retreat (2 half-days) EARLY BIRD rate (until Nov. 20): $49

Retreat (2 half-days)  REGULAR rate (starting Nov. 21): $69

Group Rates

Married or Engaged Couple's discount: 15% off each registration

Groups of 3 or more: 20% off each registration  

Follow-up Coaching

Add on an individual 60-minute strategy session with JLJ: $59

Add on a set of 4 coaching sessions with JLJ for long-term teamwork: $199

Frequently Asked Questions

What made you decide to offer this new virtual retreat?

I am passionate about helping women ages 25-40 create the Personal Leadership practices, Life Management skills and Life-Clarity needed to lead authentic and amazing lives, while feeling supported every step of the way! I have organized a wide variety of personal development events as part of my career as a life coach and love the retreat format. I had the opportunity to present at a women's retreat in October and getting my content ready reminded me of how much I love working with people in a retreat format. At the same time, I was excited for my own personal retreat planned for early November as part of my annual end-of year reflection process. I felt a strong desire to welcome other women into this annual habit of mine for the first time. I know people from coast to coast, and internationally, so it just didn't make sense to try to find a central location where we could all get together. The only way I could gather us at the end of the year for a retreat would be to create a virtual format... so that's what I've done. There is so many tools today that make virtual events easy and I can't wait to see it all in action!

Where do I need to be at 9am each retreat day?

Anywhere you want! That is the great thing about conducting a virtual retreat. You can meet with me (and the other participants) from anywhere you will have internet access. At 9am on the start of each retreat day, you'll simply need to click on the link provided to you in your registration confirmation.  My advice is to find a place that provides you some privacy and quietness. Ideally you will want to minimize your distractions in order to get the most out of your personal retreat time.

What is appropriate dress/attire for the retreat?

PJs, sweats, workout clothes, jeans, t-shirts, hoodies, giant fuzzy house slippers...whatever you want! Anything goes. It is your time, your retreat. (Just make sure it is appropriate if you are going to be doing this with friends or family as a group, and when it is time to walk outside.)

What supplies do I need to bring with me?

You'll need a way to join the zoom meetings online and check your email for periodic session instructions. A smartphone, ipad/tablet or computer will work just fine. You may want to bring a journal and pen if you like to record your thoughts by hand. Worksheets (in word document and PDF format) will be provided for note taking as well. Anything more than this is up to you! You may want to have water and snacks available to keep your body nourished and content. Layers and walking shoes will be helpful as at least one session will lead you outside for some personal time in nature. Headphones to listen to videos or music may also be helpful depending on your location. 

How can I prepare ahead of time to get the most out of my retreat?

You'll have two ways to prepare for your retreat ahead of time. The first way is through a private Facebook group open only to retreat participants. I will post simple introductory questions each day during the week prior to the first day of the retreat. The point of this pre-activity is to prime your mind and heart for the retreat and help you meet the others participating around the globe. The second way to prepare for your retreat in advance is by reading the material  sent to you upon registration and prior to the retreat's start. This material will include an overview of the two retreat half-days as well as some quick reflection questions. These two methods of preparation are designed to help you get the most out of our short live time together.

What if I can't make it to both weekends, or have to leave a session early for a last minute conflict?

All of the material in this retreat will be awesome! You won't want to miss out on any of it...but if you do I've got you covered. The two live sessions on each day will be recorded and made available to you shortly after each half retreat day concludes. You can watch them when it is convenient for you. Other content and material will be emailed to you at the start of each session so as long as you keep your emails, you'll be able to make up parts you missed. 

Is anyone available after the retreat to help me clarify my take-aways and strategize for 2018?

Yes! I am offering a special discount on individual coaching for any retreat participant and you can add these to your registration. A single 60-minute follow-up coaching session can be added for $59 (to be used by January  15, 2018). A set of four 60-minute coaching sessions can be added for $199  (to be used by March 1, 2018.)  If you decide after the retreat that coaching would be helpful. I'll honor these special prices for coaching for all retreat participants through January 31, 2018.

Is there a discount for groups who want to attend together?

Yes! For groups of 3 or more people who want to experience the retreat together, each person will receive a 20% discount. Married and engaged couples who decide to participate together will receive a 15% discount off each registration.

What is the refund policy?

If you are not satisfied with your retreat experience, a 50% retreat refund will be provided if requested by December 31, 2017. A refund will be processed once we've had a chance to talk through how the retreat did not meet your needs or expectations.

What if I have more questions?

Just send me an email, and I’ll do my best to answer any other questions you have!