I (Jessica Lynn Johnson) have journaled my thoughts and experiences since 3rd grade....which means there are boxes and boxes filled with my journals! Many of those pages are filled with poetry. Some of my favorites are listed below, partnered with reflection exercises to help you think more deeply about the poem and its messages. If you want to learn more about my interest in writing poetry and plans for a future illustrated poetry book, you can read the blog post that explains it all! 


she sings
quietly inside

leading left
leading right

she sings
the right way


will guide you

if you trust it
if you dare

to hear
to heed

she sings

~by Jessica Lynn Johnson, May 2017


Reflection Exercises:

What is your intuition guiding you to do right now in life? 

How loudly is her voice? What muffles her messages to you?

What is the fear that makes you hesitant to heed what your inner voice suggests you do?

Intuition goes by many names: inner wisdom, your gut, the still small voice of God, an angel. What name do you give it and what makes this name significant?


Supposed To Be

Come away with me here
Where there is peace and beauty.

Rest your mind
Soak your soul
Forget your worries and your fears.

Come play with me
Where you feel alive and free.

Wait on me
Sit patiently
Forget who you are supposed to be.

Come dance with me
Where you know I’ll be.

Forget your worries and your fears.
Forget who you are supposed to be.

Come away with me here
Where you feel alive and free.

~by Jessica Lynn Johnson while at Red Rock Lake, Ward, CO, 2014


Reflection Exercises:

Does life ever make you feel like you are supposed to be a certain way? 

If so, how does that conflict with the person you are inside?

Is there a place of peace and beauty near you where you can experience the actions in this poem?

Who might be the "me" in this poem?

A Sacred Balance

So tired
Constantly going
Definitely burning
Both ends
Each day
A constant battle
A race to finish
Just one more task
Hours spent
Productive and still
Sitting, reading, typing
Crossing off the list
Too much still
To do today
And what for
Tomorrow will come
Enjoy today
There’s plenty of time
Between tasks
For play
Bless your soul
Feed yourself
Even an hour
To liven the heart
To lighten the load
For each day’s
A constant battle
A sacred balance
To keep alive
Somewhere deep inside
Constantly growing
Definitely learning more
Every step I go

~by Jessica Lynn Johnson, 2017


Reflection Exercises:

Which parts of this poem speak to you the most? Why?

What activities liven your heart or help lighten the load in life?

If your life currently feels overwhelmed by work, tasks or responsibilities, when in your weekly schedule could you carve out just an hour for play, rejuvenation or relaxation?

How can you work towards creating that sacred balance between work and rest in your own life?

That Much Needed Lift and Cheer

She knew the morning sunshine would warm her soul
A long walk simply called her out from within.
Off the couch she rose, adorning herself in comfy spandex
To give herself that much needed lift and cheer.
If she could just make it to the car, water in hand and
Trusty sidekick wagging in anticipation and delight,
The day would be off to a great start
Sweat replacing yesterday’s worries and tears.

She knew the birds’ playful songs would ease her mind
Quietness with nature had always been her strength.
Out the car they bounced, in a hurry to get underway and
To give herself that much needed lift and cheer.
Up hillsides and down valleys, filled with reddish rock and dirt,
The earth sang forth with spring’s dramatic white blooms.
Each rock and step, tree and bird welcomed her out,
Making her strong with appreciation and love.

Memories of dirt elsewhere and waters that once soothed
Filled her mind as she wondered this sunny path alone.
Other thoughts came and went, with no need to weigh down
To give herself this much needed lift and cheer.
The earth, solid below her feet, and the air, practically still
Seeped deeply into her bones, leaving behind a new confidence.
The strength of creation was clearing out yesterday’s weakness
And building up in her a new hope and joy to lead the day!

~by Jessica Lynn Johnson, 2016


Reflection Exercises:

What warms your soul? What gives you a lift and sense of cheer when down?

What would help you get your day off to a great start?

Nature often has an uplifting or calming impact on people. How do you feel when you get outside for a walk or hike in a green space (a park, nature preserve, wilderness area, etc.)?

If you are seeking a new confidence or sense of joy, where could you go on a regular basis for at least 90 minutes to surround yourself with greenery and nature? 

Hope Alone

Anger bubbles up deep from within
A heart desiring to be known
Yet afraid, afraid to be loved
The real pain of jealousy
And perceived abandonment
Like a ship tossed about
By the night waves
A poor soul thrown
Thrown to the wolves of a bitter illusion
Anger deep from within

The peace, love and joy once known
Are not forgotten
But tainted
Diluted by the current wave of distraction
All this patience will sooth
Time shall heal
And hope
Hope alone will restore

~by Jessica Lynn Johnson, 2004


Reflection Exercises:

Do you ever have an anger bubble up deep within you? If so, where/what seems to be its source?

Which words, phrases or lines do you connect with the most and why might that be happening?

How does your anger distract you from the better ways you'd rather think, act or behave?

Do you have a hope that can help you work through any current hurt or anger? If so, what is it?