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Moment of Clarity Video Series

As part of her ultimate resolution for 2017 to invest in her community, Jessica Lynn Johnson created a series of short videos to help people create more Life-Clarity. Each short video in this series is designed to be reflective for her and anyone watching. Each one focuses on one topic of reflection for the week paired with a clear question hitting at the topic's core. 

"Proud Moment Tattletales" - A Moment of Clarity with JLJ #16 - 3/18/18

What are your proud little moments telling you this month?

What are your proud little moments telling you this month?  I love those small but oh so strong proud moments we have every once in a while that are like tattletales, letting us know when we are on the right track.  I’ve had two of them lately which really created a moment of clarity for me this month.(Heads up cat lovers and wood crafters you’ll also get to see one of my latest crafty solutions to doing life with two litter-tracking fur balls!)

"Happier at Home" Book Highlights - A Moment of Clarity with JLJ #15 - 6/9/17

Curious about how you to can apply Positive Psychology principals to improve your life this month?

I've recently been really enjoying "The Happiness Project" and the follow up book "Happier at Home" by bestselling author Gretchen Rubin. In these books she talks about the practical ways she has sought to improve her life day by day using a wide array of Positive Psychology research findings. This video covers my 3 favorite highlights (or take-aways) from her work. It is a great read for anyone seeking self-improvement or a better life.

Honoring Intuition - A Moment of Clarity with JLJ #14 - 5/19/17

Is your intuition or inner voice speaking to you?

I truly believe we all have an intuition, a guide, inside of us and sometimes we just need to give it a little space to speak louder. In this week's video I encourage us to explore what our intuition is saying, even if it is scary or confusing. I also share a short poem I wrote this week on the power of intuition.

Your Personal Check Engine Light - A Moment of Clarity with JLJ #13 - 4/29/17

Do you have a personal check engine light and how likely are you to ignore it?

We all have behaviors that let us know when it is time to slow down, to stop, to reevaluated, just like a car does whenever something needs to be worked on. Coaching is a great way to explore those indicators and make some changes before your personal or professional engine go out!

A Moment of Clarity with JLJ #12 - Processing Hard Feedback - April 16, 2017

Have you recently received personal or professional feedback that was surprising, hurt your pride or has put your job in jeopardy?

Getting hard feedback, whether in our professional or personal life, can really sting! Yet there are several ways to help process hard feedback and figure out our next steps. If we see the hard feedback as TEAMWORK and think of it as feedFORWARD we can start receiving the good in what is said. This short video explains how these approaches have made a big difference for me, especially recently!

A Moment of Clarity with JLJ #11 - Need More Creative Ideas? - March 31, 2017

Do you need to come up with more or better ideas about what to do next? When and where could you go walk outside?

Walking has so many benefits for benefits...emotional benefits...and cognitive benefits! If you are in need of better brainstorming or more creative thinking, just go for a walk! In this short video I share what I've been learning about the benefits of walking outside in preparation for my conference presentation next week. 

A Moment of Clarity with JLJ #10 - Margin in Your Marathon - March 24, 2017

Life is not a series of sprints but a marathon. We need margin in our life, blank space to do what ever comes up, in order to live at a sustainable pace. If you are feeling overwhelmed and that life is out of balance, do you have any margin, any free space, in your schedule? If not, what could you change or do to get a little bit more of that?

If you want to explore more about life balance, I've got a resource I'd love to send you from JLJ Coaching!

A Moment of Clarity with JLJ #9 - March 10, 2017

Writing poetry can be such a great way of processing our day to day life and create more clarity for ourselves and others. I've long used poetry as a way to process my experiences and internal reactions to life. This week I invite you to join me in this reflective process to create a little more Life-Clarity together.

I'd love to hear how MY POEMS impact you and which are your favorites!

A Moment of Clarity with JLJ #8 - March 4, 2017

Is there someone in your life that has made a difference for you recently?

We often overlook the power of encouragement and feedback, but it can be so amazing! Watch this video then take a moment to let your influencers know how they've made a difference in your life. You never know when that little message you have for them could make a huge difference in their day!


A Moment of Clarity with JLJ #7 - Feb. 25, 2017

Applying guilt or shame is a common result when we don't reach our goal or follow through on something we've promised (to others or ourselves, such as a new year's resolution). While one can be healthy, right and helpful, the other is simply destructive and cactus-like!

If you are not living up to a goal you have set, are you applying guilt, which can help you change, or shame, which can create an ugly downward spiral?


A Moment of Clarity with JLJ #6 - Feb. 17, 2017

It turns out finding my word for the year came quickly!

Determining what the word really means to me in the context of 2017 was actually the more difficult part in this process! Thankfully that is where the art journaling activity I talked about last week  was super helpful. Watch to see the result of my creative efforts and the 4 ways I have decided to INVEST in 2017. Stick it out to the last minute to hear my one major take-away from this whole process! Check out my blog to learn more about my art journaling process and get tips on doing it yourself!


A Moment of Clarity with JLJ #5 - Feb. 10, 2017

Do you have a guiding word or ever picked one in past years? How did you pick it and how has it helped guide you?

I want to pick a word to guide me this year, personally and professionally, and I've been stuck. I've decided to do some ART JOURNALING to help me process my thoughts and create some clarity. This video's a little introduction to my creative process! If anyone has selected a word for their year (this year or any year past), I'd love to hear how you chose your word and how it helped you throughout your year. 


A Moment of Clarity with JLJ #4 - Feb. 3, 2017

For this week's Moment of Clarity video we take a little field trip in honor of my latest blog post!

Come for a walk with me as we head to my local city pool and talk about how being a competitive 1m and 3m diver taught me to "Unscrew Your Fear" and to live life unafraid. To really understand my story you'll have to read the corresponding blog post at entitled "Unscrew Your Fear": Choosing to Live Life Unafraid!"


A Moment of Clarity with JLJ #3 - Jan. 28, 2017

Are you someone who likes to make dramatic changes in life when you feel like things just aren't going well or do you like to make continues shifts in the direction you want to go?

Either can be useful when needing to make a change in life! Continuing my thoughts from last week on living out our values, in this video I talk about how I've picked one of these two approaches to add more adventure in my life this year.

Stay tuned to the end when I make a little announcement about something new happening with my next blog post!


A Moment of Clarity with JLJ #2 - Jan. 21, 2017

This week is about living out our key values and I give an example of the impact I'm feeling for not living out one of mine - the value of an adventurous and in-the-moment life - so well right now.

What are your values (what is super important to you in life) and how are you honoring those values right now?


A Moment of Clarity with JLJ #1 - Jan. 14, 2017

This week I gained a surprise bit of clarity when one of my new year's resolutions (created with my free guide to Ultimate New Year's Resolutions, available for download on my blog) helped me decide on accepting or passing on an offer for some additional coach training.

How might your resolution help guide you through your decisions this next year?