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25 Ways to Celebrate Any Accomplishment!

Your efforts and outcomes deserve to be noticed.

Life needs more celebrations, more opportunities to recognize our hard work and our successes, alone and with others. Celebration is so healthy for us, especially during hard seasons in life!

Celebrate even in hard times

2020 has been a hard year for many of us. We’ve had the global COVID-19 pandemic, civic unrest and riots in many major cities, outrageous wildfires and high levels of unemployment and financial struggle for so many people. 

In the midst of all this, I know there has still been good things going on. People are changing, gaining insight, accomplishing goals, setting new habits and doing what they can to live their best life! Certainly 2020 has not turned out the way anyone envisioned back in January, nonetheless there have been positives for many of us. 

Two recently accomplished goals 

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

One of my big goals for 2020 was to pass the National Counselor Exam and finish up the supervision hours needed to apply for my license as a Mental Health Counselor. As of July, I had met all these requirements and by the end of September my application was approved by the Washington state licensing department. Hallelujah!!!! In addition to being a credential life coach I am now a licensed mental health counselor.

A second big goal of mine for 2020 was to engage in a mentor coaching program so I could renew my coaching credential with the International Coach Federation (ICF). I continued to work full time during the pandemic, but due to social events at a standstill this summer I had the extra time needed to advance my coaching skills through my selected mentoring program.  I’ll soon be applying to renew my coaching credential through ICF and that feels so good!


So now it is time to CELEBRATE!!!

Let’s celebrate together! What are ready to celebrate? Successes can come from any area of your life. They might include:

  • Resolutions you may have set last new year’s
  • Specific goals you set for yourself
  • Work/school projects
  • Athletic/physical feats
  • Stopping/minimizing a bad habit
  • Increasing self-control over a really strong desire
  • Crossing something off your bucket list
  • Handling a surprise situation or crises moment well (or well enough)

Need some help identifying goals? This resource on goal setting will help!

Below is a list of some of my favorite ways to recognize a job well done, divided into categories for simplicity.


Move your Body

  • Enjoy a soothing time of yoga or tai chi
  • Turn on some of your favorite music and let it move you
  • Pamper your body somehow (massage, nails, haircut, nap, etc.)
  • Go for a walk in a beautiful place
  • Take a road trip (day trip or overnight)

Make it Social

  • Host a game night (in person or virtual)
  • Organize an online party (using a tool like zoom, google meet, or facetime)
  • Call a friend who helped you get to your goal
  • Share a meal with friends and/or family
  • Provide encouragement to someone else chasing a similar dream

Party for One

  • Journal about how it feels to have accomplished this and what you did to aid your success
  • Decorate your space with streamers, balloons or flowers
  • Create or draw a certificate for yourself
  • Pat yourself on the back, literally
  • Build a gratitude chain

Engage Your Spirit

  • Watch a funny or uplifting movie
  • Write a poem about your journey towards success
  • Meditate quietly and savor your satisfaction in a job well done
  • Sing a song of praise or celebration
  • Pray for others you interacted with during your journey towards success

Fun with Food

  • Make your favorite meal and appreciate its goodness as you eat
  • Picnic at the park, alone or with others
  • Pop open your favorite beverage and enjoy
  • Bake something you save for special occasions
  • Volunteer at/donate to a food shelter or soup kitchen

There’s no need to limit yourself to just one form or act of celebration. Many of these go together nicely or can be fun to do sequentially. Let yourself have fun and don’t be in a hurry! Don’t be afraid to celebrate. You’ve worked hard. Take some time to relish the experience and feel good for what you’ve done. You are worth it!

Originally posted for JLJ Coaching Services by Jessica Johnson in October, 2020. Permission to repost must be requested.

annual report cover yellow

2017 Annual Business Report


Looking Back – a year of building, mourning and celebrating:

2017 was quite a year…so I’ve decide to wrap it all up in a formal annual report for my business.

I am amazed – seriously, almost stunned – at what all I was able to accomplish with my coaching business this past year.

I officially launched the business mid-way through 2016 after several months of being unemployed. I spent most of 2016 creating my website, working on my branding and deciding how to structure my business.

Looking back, I can see that this beginning work in 2016 was really the foundation for all I would do in 2017.

Like building a house, after the foundation comes the frame. 2017 was truly a year of building the frame and focus, for my coaching business.  In April I passed the knowledge exam and certification requirements for the Associate Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation. This was a big accomplishment for me as a coach! I also returned to full-time work after nine months of job searching and working only part-time.

A big event mid-way through 2017 shook me and my business to the core resulting in a stronger commitment to my work as a women’s personal leadership coach.

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3 Powerful Life Management Solutions For the Stressed Out & Time-Strapped Woman

Much of the stress we experience is self-imposed and created by the patterns we establish in our daily lives. For many women, feeling stressed out and time-strapped sucks all the energy out of us. It really isn’t an ideal way to live. But ladies, life doesn’t have to be that way!

Life management habits play a big part in how stressed out and overly busy we feel on any given day. Thankfully, there is a lot we can do to keep our schedule in control and with a manageable amount of stress. I say manageable because – let’s be honest – some stress and pressure is a good thing because it moves us into action. But too much wreaks havoc on our bodies, minds and souls!

Unfortunately, I spent a lot of my 20s stressed out and time-strapped; always trying to do more of what I love…and do it better. Now don’t get me wrong – goals are fantastic drivers for living a life of success, intentionality and purpose. I’m all about that! But without the following three life management solutions, that drive for success, accomplishment and enjoyment will most likely be our ruin in the end.  Diligently applying the following life management solutions really transformed my way of life. I continue to apply these concepts to keep myself at a good stress level and make sure my schedule revolves around my priorities and joys. The list is a little long, but it is worth the read!

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We cut strips of paper and divide the strips so we each have about half of them. We then individually write one thing we are thankful for on each strip. Writing them individually allows us to reflect on what mattered most to us in the past year before we share our answers with each other. We take turns reading our strips out loud, providing an explanation as needed, then tape the strips into interconnected loops to make a chain. Continue reading “Creating Gratitude on Thanksgiving Day”


Can Anything Make Relocating Easier?

Not having moved much as a kid or teenager,not even for college,I didn’t quite know how disruptive all my moves as a young adult would be to my life. I don’t regret my decisions to  move from California to Indiana and then to Colorado, but I think the multiple moves in the last decade are taking their toll on me in a variety of ways. Relocating isn’t called “uprooting” without valid reason!

Here I am in my mid-thirties and abmoving-boxes-1060x600out to move once again. As excited as I am about buying my first amazing little place and living in a fabulous mountain town, I find myself incredibly resistant to packing and taking care of the practical sides of moving.

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