To Abort or Charge Ahead When Second-Guessing: 7 lessons from quickly quitting my first job

Recently I was asked by a past client my thoughts on how to deal with second-guessing after deciding to take steps towards a major transition. He asked what might be some ways to dispassionately consider aborting or charging ahead.

I think many of us have experienced that moment of doubt after making a tough or major decision. It is such a tough place to be! You just put in all that effort to decide, took the leap to declare a decision and now you feel like back-peddling! Buyer’s remorse is creeping in and you really aren’t sure what to do! Do you keep moving forward down your new path or do your bail and abort on your new plans? If you resonate with this horrible situation, please keep reading. I promise to be helpful!

While thinking about how to answer my client’s question, one memory from 14 years ago kept coming to my mind. I debated about sharing it because it was a very intense life experience for me. It really illustrates the topic though so I hope you don’t mind hearing a little bit of my personal story.

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Life Lessons From A New Mom

Last week I visited my sister Jen and her husband Chad at their home in Washington. It was just 12 days after Jen gave birth to her first child so I will always treasure this time together and the chance to get to meet their new little boy, Ben. Being an aunt so far is awesome and I am so proud of my sister! She is doing a great job as a new mom!

As sisters do, we talked a lot during my trip. It was really fascinating listening to my sister explain her experiences with infertility, pregnancy and the sudden switch to motherhood. I appreciate my sister’s willingness to let me in on her personal experiences with motherhood and letting me write about it for my blog.

parent-sign-shutterstock_47110942The decision to start a family is a big one for most people! For some people it comes easily; they have always wanted to be parents and they have little problems getting pregnant. For other couples, it is a much harder decision or process. Some people fear what impact having a child will have on their personal or social life, and understandably so! Many experience another setback: infertility.

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Can Anything Make Relocating Easier?

Not having moved much as a kid or teenager,not even for college,I didn’t quite know how disruptive all my moves as a young adult would be to my life. I don’t regret my decisions to  move from California to Indiana and then to Colorado, but I think the multiple moves in the last decade are taking their toll on me in a variety of ways. Relocating isn’t called “uprooting” without valid reason!

Here I am in my mid-thirties and abmoving-boxes-1060x600out to move once again. As excited as I am about buying my first amazing little place and living in a fabulous mountain town, I find myself incredibly resistant to packing and taking care of the practical sides of moving.

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