Your Day Away

We all need a day away every now and then!

Not sure what to do, or where to go, but know you definitely need a break from your normal routine?

Ready to add a little more intentional "me time" to your normal get-away?

Then this is your answer: your personally planned Day Away Experience!

Maybe head out for a quick adventure...

A day away doesn't necessarily need to be just down the street. Get help planning a simple road trip to give your mind a break and heart room to explore life's big questions...planned for you!

Or just enjoy a day of the simple life...

Dedicate a day to all the simple things you enjoy in life.  Get a detailed plan for a simple day filled with just enough to help you relax. Life can be so complex. Let me help you simplify it for a day!

Or spend your day away somewhere cozy and warm!

Sometimes a day at home is exactly the prescription you need. Get guidance in the pieces you'll want to enjoy a cozy and powerful day away...without leaving your home!


You set the date & I'll create your PERSONALIZED one day mini-retreat, tailored to your SPECIFIC NEEDS and location!

Your Personalized Day Away Experience Package Includes:

♥ A pre-planning worksheet to help me design just the Day Away you crave,

♥ A customized itinerary based on your designated start and end times,

♥ Addresses to all locations outside your home,

♥ A selection of free and low cost activities to highlight your selected theme,

♥ A packing list to make sure you have what you'll need,

♥ A personal reflection worksheet with writing or doodling prompts and

♥ Text support during your Day Away to keep it flowing smoothly!


Get a customized plan for your next day away starting at just $39.

Add a 30- minute coaching session for $45, or a set of three for $110, to boost your experience to the next level.

Extend your experience with overnight lodging accomodations if one day just isn't enough!



"I am ever so thankful for the clarity I received while being coached!"

"This was great - I gained value from the experience. And the price was VERY reasonable, especially considering all that I gained."


It is your special day so there is no dumb question! I want to make sure you know what you need before you ask away!

Want a book suggestion? Sure, I've got plenty of those too!

Need help during your day? I'll be just a text away!



Transform your simple day away to a powerful opportunity for personal insight, rejuvenation and life-clarity! Create just the experience you need by adding any of these additional elements.

Add a Coaching Call for Clarity

Enhance your day away with a solution focused coaching call a week before or during your time away. Gain clarity and insight for action during a 30-minute coaching session scheduled around your needs.

Add Wrap-Around Coaching!

Get serious insight, motivation and accountability to take action by adding three coaching calls - one a week before, one during, and one a week after your Day Away. Add a set of three 30-minute individual coaching sessions for a full wrap-around personalized experience!

Add an Overnight!

Desire a night away in addition to the day? Add on additional lodging to expand your mini-retreat beyond just the day trip for the cost of the room plus a 15% planning fee! I'll put my many years of travel and event planning experience to work for you so you don't have to fret the logistics!

Make it Last a While!

One day or night not sufficient? Turn your Day Away into a multiple night personal retreat and adventure designed just for you! Additional price based on desired total experience package requested during our initial conversation.